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The Cyclists’ Touring Club is the first and oldest touring club in the world. It was founded in 1878. Cast iron plaques of the Winged Wheel that the club distributed over 110 years ago to designate approved inns and hotels still remain on many buildings across the country. The two foot diameter plaques are always under threat of redevelopment or by ignorant disregard. Please report any new sightings or changes, and please adopt a sign of your own if you can, looking after its well-being. Inform the occupant of the building of its history and encourage preservation.

There are some reproduction wheels in existence.

If you can fill in any missing information or confirm an uncertain sighting then please let the author of this website know. We will credit your name.

The flags are placed as closely as possible to the Google Street View position as I can get. Any photos, particularly historical ones are compiled randomly in the photo galleries based loosely on the name of the establishment.

Just a few amendments and additions at the end of 2015. The “Ham & Blackbird” demolition and the loss of a wheel, but renovations of two others lightens this gloomy news. The renovation and official relocation of a wheel in Wellington, Somerset is pending for 2016, and the reopening and renovation of a wheel at the hotel in Aberfeldy. I always like to have old pictures that show where old sites were and the Market Hotel Winchester is a case in point this year.

Please note that if you do email me on a change, I do not usually get around to this for ages as I try to have a life too. Work on the site usually has to wait for a wet public holiday before I stir myself. Nevertheless, thanks to all my correspondents who keep me up to date.

January 1st  2016

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